Hartie de filtru speciala


Tipuri hartie de filtru speciala


Hartie de filtru cu carbune activat
MN 728 The activated charcoal filter paper MN 728 is particularly suited for the clarification and decolouring of solutions. The activated charcoal is incorporated in the paper and cannot be washed out into the filtrate.
Analiza Solului
MN 280 Folded filters made from acidwashed paper with a high clarification efficiency for determination of micro-nutrients available to vegetation.
Phosphate-free filters
MN 619 G Slow filtration, phosphatefree filter paper for soil analysis.
MN 616 G Medium speed filtration, phosphate-free filter paper.
MN 617 G Fast filtration, phosphate-free filter paper.
Hartie de filtru din poliester
MN 52 K This filters made from 100% polyester fibres features a very high mechanical strength in dry as well as in wet condition.
Hartie de filtru pentru fabricile de bere
MN 614 Medium speed, embossed filter paper e.g. for malt analysis in breweries.
MN 620 Medium speed, embossed filter paper made from unbleached pulp.
Hartie de filtru pentru analiza grasimilor
MN 615 ff This paper is particularly suited for the analysis of fats. A special treatment with organic solvents guarantees that these filters are practically free of fats and resins (ether-soluble residue < 0.1 mg for a 27 cm filter circle).
MN 715 This paper is also suited for the analysis of fats. Careful selection of the raw materials ensures a low ether-soluble residue for these filters.
Kieselguhr paper
MN 660 This filter paper retains very fine turbidities and is e.g. recommended for the clarification of urines or sugar solutions.
Black filter paper for the detection of light precipitates
MN 220 This filter paper, which is dyed black with a sulphur dye, is used to identify small quantities of light precipitates. For example, it is used for the detection of fluorine or silicon.
Hartie de filtru hidrofoba separatoare de faza
MN 617 WA These papers are made hydrophobic (impermeable to water) by impregnation with a silicone. With the aid of these filters, water can be separated from water-immiscible organic solvents in an elegant manner, by means of a simple filtration.
MN 616 WA These papers are made hydrophobic (impermeable to water) by impregnation with a silicone. With the aid of these filters, water can be separated from water-immiscible organic solvents in an elegant manner, by means of a simple filtration.
Blocks MN 224 Paper with good absorbent properties for absorbing liquids from microscopic preparations.
Weighing aids
Weighing boats MN 808 Weighing boats MN 808 are made from a special, nitrogen-free parchment. They are used to weigh viscous or syrupy substances.
Weighing paper MN 226 This is a transparent paper, smooth on both sides, which can be used as substitute for

weighing boats (other grade than MN 808). The smooth surface of the paper guarantees that the weighed goods can be transferred without loss.

Parchment sheets MN 40/25 These easily crushable (not wet-strengthened) parchment papers are mainly used in the sugar industry for weighing syrupy and semicrystalline substances.
Antibiotic resistance testing
MN 827 These products are used in testing the resistance of pathogens to antibiotics. For this test the filter paper sections are impregnated with the antibiotic to be tested and placed on the inoculated nutrient medium. Depending on the effectiveness, a smaller or larger zone of inhibition is formed. MACHEREY-NAGEL only supplies non-impregnated filter paper sections!
Ion exchange papers
MN 616 LSA-50 Filter paper with strongly acidic cation exchange resin; matrix polystyrene crosslinked with 8.5% DVB; active groups SO3H, strongly acidic, supplied in H+ form; capacity 2.0 mval/g, applicable up to 100 °C.
MN 616 LSB-50 Filter paper with strongly basic anion exchange resin; matrix polystyrene crosslinked with 6% DBV; active groups quaternary ammonium compounds, strongly basic; supplied in OH– form; capacity 1.3 mval/g, applicable up to 70 °C.
Hartie de filtru pentru lentile (José paper)
MN 13 Thin, soft, non-fluffing tissue paper for cleaning optical glasses, lenses, cuvettes, also suitable as protective paper for metallographic sections.
Surface protection paper LAB-TOP
MN 210 PE Filter paper coated on one side with polyethylene, e.g. for covering laboratory workbenches. The filter paper absorbs spilt liquids. It is especially suited for isotope and bacteriological laboratories as well as for chemical storerooms and cupboards.
Filter aids, filter flocs
MN 101, MN 2101 Filter aids transform difficult precipitates and colloidal particles into a form which can be easily filtered. When slimy and strongly lyophilic, swelling precipitates are involved, the fibres of the filter flocs prevent formation of a continuous, impermeable layer on the filter. The resulting filter cake remains porous and permeable, and clogging of the filter is prevented.
Blotting papers
MN 218 B, MN 827 B, MN 440 B The smooth surface of these papers ensures a uniform, high absorptivity. They are particularly recommended for blotting procedures.
Chromatography papers
MN 214. MN 214 ff, MN 218, MN 260, MN 261, MN 827, MN 866 Paper chromatography requires high quality papers, since they have a considerable impact on the results of a separation.